Saturday, 30 March 2013

MARCH 30, 2013

076 SERANATA MACABRA/House of Evil (1968) Directed by Juan Ibanez/Jack Hill. *

This the first of the four Mexican/US coproductions made by Karloff before his death is usually considered the worst of the bunch. I actually thought it was slightly better than the others...but having said that it still stinks. Set in Eastern Europe in the 1800's the credits claim that it is based on Poe which is nonsense although it is slightly less incomprehensible than its companions. Sadly, Boris doesn't hang around too long and it is hard to blame him - although what he does he does well, especially at the climax.  The film's murderous automatons are more interesting than the Mexican cast.

077 THE KILLER SHREWS (1959) Directed bt Ray Kellog  **

Not quite as bad as its reputation suggests as long as the "shrews" are only half seen. Acting from most of the cast is pretty weak (Ken Curtis, who also produced, is obviously taking it very seriously. A word must be said about James Best, an actor too often relegated to playing crazy rednecks (and usually playing them rather well) and probably best know today as the Sheriff in the TV show THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, who here grabs his chance to play a hero and turns in a very creditable performance. Best has recently written and filmed a sequel in which he revives his character. I rather enjoyed THE KILLER SHREWS and look forward to the sequel. No, I have no shame....

....and you thought I was joking!

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