Monday, 11 March 2013

MARCH 11, 2013

056 SCHLOSS VOGELOD/Castle Vogelod/The Haunted Castle (1921) Directed by F.W, Murnau ***

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this film it is difficult not to feel a sense of disappointment simply because it is directed by Murnau and scripted by Carl Mayer. It has little of the visual style we have come to expect from the director of NOSFERATU and FAUST.  Despite it's misleading English title the only thing haunting Castle Vogelod is guilt (except in one very brief nightmare sequence - see below) and the plot concerns a man trying to prove himself innocent of the murder of his and unveil the true culprit.  Even the castle is not atmospheric - the exteriors being obvious model shots.  But it is Murnau and if you love silent films then you'll probably want to see it. The acting is good but obviously of the period and it is interesting to see Olga Tschechowa, niece of Anton Chekov personal friend of both Hitler and Stalin (her life would make a fascinating film - check her biography on Imdb). You won't have much difficulty solving the mystery. I viewed the restored print available in The Masters of Cinema series.

Schloss Vogelod

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