Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MARCH 20, 2013

065  THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957) Directed by Bert I. Gordon. **

I admit I have quite I high level of tolerance for stuff like this, indeed for all types of low budget sci-fi, horror and mystery movies. This one was actually far more enjoyable than I expected. Genetic crop research is the cause of a swarm of giant locusts attacking Chicago. As this is a Bert I. Gordon film the special effects are far from special - during the climatic battle the consist mainly of grasshoppers climbing up photographs of Chicago landmarks - but I suppose that is part of the fun. Peter Graves and Morris Ankrum are on hand to save the world with a straight face - both actors well used to this kind of production.

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066   THE CYCLOPS (1957)  Directed by Bert I. Gordon  **

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