Friday, 25 November 2016


Some time ago I stopped writing about the films I'd seen an concentrated on listing the films in my DVD/Blu-ray collection. Several regulars who kindly follow this blog and a few friends have asked me to reconsider doing reviews - I hesitate to use the word "reviews" and prefer to describe them as "reactions" - so in the new year I will go back to commenting on the movies I've seen. As before I will try to concentrate on the obscure, the rare, the old and the unloved rather than modern mainstream productions, although I expect there will be a few exceptions. The DVD listings will continue as well. See you in January.

Monday, 7 November 2016


F. W. Murnau

Before making a career in cinema, Wilhem Fredrich Murnau had been a pilot during the Great War. He is regarded today as one of the greatest exponents of German expressionism and later films fall into a category that is best described as poetic realism. Thankfully his best films are still available. He is one of my favourite directors of the silent era. He was played (not very accurately) by John Malkovich in the film SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE. Films in my collection are: DIE GANG IN DIE NACHT (1921) SCHLOSS VOGELOD (1921) NOSFERATU (1922) PHANTOM (1922) FINANCES OF THE GRAND DUKE (1924) THE LAST LAUGH (1924) TARTUFFE (1925) FAUST (1926) SUNRISE (1927) CITY GIRL (1930) TABU (1931)