Monday, 18 March 2013

MARCH 18, 2013

062 CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND (1939) Directed by Norman Foster. ***

I'm becoming quite addicted to these Charlie Chan movies so it is nice that so many are available on YouTube. Despite the title which my make us Brits believe Honourable Detective is on trail of one-legged pirate this is actually set during thev1939 San Francisco Exposition. The film does actually acknowledge that something very important and world shattering is about to kick off over in lil'ol Europe before settling down to a quite impressive mystery involving Chan and No.2 son (Victor Sen Yung) solving the suicide of a friend who was the victim of a mysterious fake psychic called Dr.Zodiac. It is very nicely photographed and is competently directed by the reliable Norman Foster. Sidney Toler is excellent as honourable oriental smart arse and as well as the aforementioned Yung there is Cesar Romero, Douglas Fowley, Pauline Moore, Douglas Dumbrille and Charles McBride to keep things bubbling along.

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

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