Saturday, 26 February 2011


Not had a a chance to watch anything very interesting recently and little time for blogging other than to update the "Masterpiece" series of stills each day. I have however had some more interesting reactions to my list of choices. One friend, who works in the film industry finds the list "surprisingly unadventurous" and thinks I should have gone for more off the wall choices, while a younger follower of the blog feels totally mystified by a list of films that he feels no connection with. To the later I can only say "seek them out" but the former criticism is more difficult. One of the films my friend suggested as an oddball choice was THE TERMINATOR, the suggestion being it is technically darn near perfect. Now, I love THE TERMINATOR and my friend is certainly in a position to judge its technical merits. No doubt it qualifies as a "great" film but there is, to my mind, a big gap between "great" and "masterpiece" and a big gap between a film that is entertaining bubble gum for the eyes and something that tries to look a bit deeper into the human condition. I'm sure that might sound a bit pretentious to some but if it does so be it, I'll have to live with that. Looking at the films I've chosen so far I think one of the linking elements of the movies is a sense of poetry and I'm aware that for the most part it is a rather sad, dark poetry. As I write this I am at no 18 of 25 and each day the choice becomes harder - mainly because for this list (there may be more in the future) I have limited myself to one film per director. Finally for now - I will return to the subject when the list is complete - I'd like to say a special thanks to Fiona who has suggested some interesting "Ten Favourite" lists for the future which includes the intriguing "Ten Favourite films that made me cry" and "Ten Favourite films that are undervalued" and David who made some very good suggestions for "tweeking" the look of the blog slightly, a couple of which I will incorporate in the future.

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