Friday, 11 February 2011


Thoroughly routine Western with the always watchable Barbara Stanwyck and a rather wooden Ronald Reagan. Babs arrives at the head of a herd of cattle in Montana, does some nude bathing, gets spied on by indians, meets Ronnie and sees her father gunned down during a stampede - and thats all in the first fifteen minutes. The indians are very post BROKEN ARROW but evil white men are giving them guns and whisky. Any interest there is is with the supporting cast which includes Chubby Johnson, Jack Elam, Gene Evans, Anthony Caruso and Myron Healey. The theme music that runs throughout the movie (credited to Louis Forbes) is very reminiscent of the song by Nelson Riddle and John Gabriel sung over the credits of Howard Hawks' 1967 EL DORADO. Director Allan Dwan directed his first film in 1911 and was one of the most prolific of all Hollywood directors. Rating **


Cerpts said...

Her father was gunned down in a stampede?!?!? Wuz the cattle packin'?!?

But seriously, ladies and jellyspoons, what was more unpleasant for Barbara -- seeing her father gunned down in a stampede or meeting Ronald Reagan?

Weaverman said...

Hope you ain't dissing young Ronnie c'os he could grow up to be President and kick your ass! I should have mentioned that Bab's pa is played by Morris Ankrum and an Army officer is played by Paul Birch whom I didn't even recognize.