Thursday, 10 February 2011


After my rave for the 1954 George Cukor version I thought it only fair to take a look again at the 1937 William Wellman original (unless one counts the 1932 Cukor WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD?), especially as I'd never seen it in colour - and that is Technicolor not colourisation. A warning here, though - the Delta DVD release is pretty dreadful with a noisy soundtrack and for some reason Delta have decided for no discernible reason to have the film in two halves on a single disc! I enjoyed the film very much but good as it is I still think the remake is better. Not that Wellman's film can really be faulted on any level - Janet Gaynor, Frederic March, Adolph Menjou and Andy Devine are all excellent in the roles later played by Garland, Mason, Bickford and Noonan. I can't say I'm inspired to dash out and buy the Barbra Streisand version again and neither am I particularly excited by the thought of the promised Beyonce remake even if Clint Eastwood is rumoured to be attached as director. I suppose one pays your money and makes your choice. Rating ****

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