Saturday, 16 January 2016


THE MAN WHO TURNED TO STONE (1957) Directed by Leslie Kardos *

The only reason I got to see this film is because I ordered via Amazon a four film set for the sole purpose of obtaining the Vincent Price film THE MAD MAGICIAN. Other films in the set are TERROR OF THE TONGS, FIVE and THE MAN WHO TURNED TO STONE. A Sam Katzman production directed by Leslie Kardos, this tells the unlikely tale of a group of reform school administrators who are scientifically sucking the life from their female charges to prevent themselves turning to stone. That's about it, flat direction, little suspense, no imagination. At seventy odd minutes it long out stays its welcome. Victor Jory stars.

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Cerpts said...

What a bore! And I LOVE Victor Jory, too! He has one of my favourite voices.