Saturday, 9 January 2016


JOLSON SINGS AGAIN (1949) Directed by Henry Levin.***

Pure hagiography again in Columbia's inevitable follow-up to their earlier hit, THE JOLSON STORY.  As before facts are rearranged or wilfully ignored (in this Jolson's mother finally dies in the 1940's whereas she had, in reality died back in the 1980's!) and the names of two of his wives are changed (the previous film had conveniently forgotten to mention his first to marriages. Notably missing from this film is any mention of his adopted children. Having said that this is, if like me, you are a Jolson fan, this is a very entertaining piece of Hollywood schmaltz. Interestingly the film covers the making of THE JOLSON STORY and we get scenes where Jolson (played by Larry Parks) meets Larry Parks (played by Larry Parks) and we even get to see Larry as himself performing a Jolson number to convince Jolson that he should play him in the film - dubbed, of course by Jolson, whose singing voice is used throughout. Magic.

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