Friday, 9 October 2009


This film should have been included as an "extra" on the DVD of Scorses's THE GANGS OF NEW YORK, being, as it is, a musical comedy about Irish immigrants and "Boss" Tweed in 19th Century New York. Deanna Durbin is good if you like Deanna Durbin and perfectly matched by Dick Haymes as a crusading New York Times reporter. Vincent Price easily steals the film with his perfect suave villainy as Tweed, relishing every corrupt moment. The musical score is okay but one really longs for a full scale musical number featuring an appearance by Bill the Butcher and the Dead Rabbits. Unobtrusive direction by William Seiter. Rating ***

See the whole film on You Tube.


Cerpts said...

Up Her Central What?!?!?!

Oh wait, I misread that. Ah well, you lost me with Deanna Durbin. But you got me again with Vincent Price. Tell me, is there any chance that Vincent ties Deanna Durbin down and covers her in molten wax???? Because THAT I'd watch!

Weaverman said...

Poor Deanna is not really my cup of tea either but Vincent's performance really makes this one worth a look and to an extent he does get to corrupt the canary before she sees his true nature.
Oddly, I'm beginning to have a subtle lust for Miss D in this film and would like to cover in hot molten wax and other substances.