Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Wonderful....a really enjoyable low-budget horror film from the Charles Band crypt which although it has a not too interesting "good vampire" of the type sadly becoming popular with todays teenagers also features Anders Home as his evil brother who thankfully adheres to the Max Schreck school of bloodsucking and peasant extermination. Other pluses are that there is less padding than usual and the film is actually made on location in Transylvania. Direction is by Ted Nicolau who made the excellent THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS (1997) which I believe is a spinoff from this film. The DVD to hand also features a short "making of" documentary of which the best part is a load of Romanian citizens saying that they've either never heard of vampires or that they are the invention of "simple minded Americans". Yeah, right. Also included is a very funny compilation of good bits from other Full Moon Pictures. Nearly forgot to say that Laura Mae Tate is cute. Perfect, undemanding late night viewing. Rating ***


Cerpts said...

I've always been quite the fan of Full Moon's SUBSPECIES series (of which there have been 4 movies and the one spinoff movie you mentioned) ever since they came out on VHS originally. Actually my favourite of the series is probably the second film where Denice Duff takes over the role of Radu's "fledgling" for the remainder of the series. You're quite right about the "good" vampire that's so popular (and boring) nowadays. Thankfully, as you'll see at the beginning of SUBSPECIES II, he's dispatched with a spear through the chest before the opening credits have had a chance to cool! YAY!!! The dictates of vampire movies SHOULD NOT be controlled by 12 year old girls; bring on Radu!!!!!

Weaverman said...

The thought of Radu romancing 12 year old girls opens a new dimension. Much as I liked the first girl in No.1 I have to admit she wasn't much of an actress and Denice Duff is much, much better.