Thursday, 15 October 2009


This Amicus production directed by Freddie Francis is, surprisingly, good fun. It's low budget with some flimsy sets and some ripe overacting (Michael Gough is a total joy as usual as he once again spits out his total contempt for the human race and for his wardrobe). The plot seems like something that was rejected as an adventure for Professor Quatermass back in the 1950s. Robert Hutton stars as a man with a metal plate in his head and Jennifer Jayne as a woman with a two foot high ginger bouffant on hers but look out for Zia Mohyadden with a colander on his!Ray guns and accessories from the local toy shop. Hard to believe this was onlyn 85 minutes long as it seemed twice that but I can't say it dragged. Good? Frankly, no. but definitely watchable. Rating **

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Cerpts said...

You are so right! A lot of fun (shockingly). It actually reminds me of a sorta crossbreed between Quatermass and The Avengers. I kept expecting Mrs. Peel to bound out of a hedge and kick some extraterrestrial buttocks. A totally inane, silly but as you say very watchable bit of fun.