Monday, 10 August 2009


This, the third in MGM's Tarzan series starring Johnny Weissmuller, is interesting on several counts. The plot is pretty standard with Jane's cousins arriving in the jungle to sort out some inheritance problems but it turns out that their white-hunter guide is up to no good. The threat that Jane (still played appealingly by Maureen O'Sullivan as upper class totty) will have to go back to London, albeit temporarily, gives tha opportunity for a little emotional depth and, although earlier films in the series had an innocent erotic charge - particularly TARZAN AND HIS MATE with its nude swimming scene - the first scene where Tarzan and Jane are obviously about to make love. Naturally, the camera pans discreetly away but the implication is unmistakable. This obviously gets Cheetah the Chimp excited as there is a scene where it look suspiciously like the ape is trying to hump a Zebra. All in all it is a good entry in the series which would begin to go down hill after a couple more titles. The film gives us a chance to see the actor John Buckler who shows great promise as the villain of the piece. Soon after the film was finished Buckler was killed in a car crash along with his father, actor, Hugh Buckler. An alternate ending involving a giant spider, vampire bats and pygmies was filmed but not used.Despite malicious rumours circulated by friend Cerpts over at THE LAND OF CEPTS AND HONEY there appears to be absolutely nothing wrong with Johnny Weissmuller's nipples! Rating ***


Cerpts said...

They're uneven, I tell ya!!!

Who'da thunk it that you'd actually get me to watch Tarzan movies?!? TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE was great fun and I look forward to catching some more of the early Weissmuller Tarzan flicks in the future. Escpecially the one with Jane's nude swim!!! Rrrrarrrrr-rrrraaaaaarrrr!!!

Weaverman said...

See, you should always pay attention to Uncle Weaverman!

Cerpts said...

This I have learned to my eternal benefit!