Saturday, 29 July 2017

GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS (1959) Directed by Edward L. Cahn,

Gerald Mohr and Mamie Van Doren

 I recently watched a surprisingly good double bill of films directed by Edward L. Cahn (1899-1963). Cahn was a former editor at Universal who graduated to directing and then moved to MGM to spend a long period of his career directing shorts. Returning to feature films in the 1950's he was responsible for a clutch of B movies fondly remembered (if not admired) by horror/sci-fi movie fans : THE CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN, THE CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN, INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN and, memorably, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE which is often cited as the inspiration behind Ridley Scott's ALIEN. Many more features followed, mostly forgotten, Westerns, Crime, sci-fi, until his last film, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 1967.

GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS is a very watchable B movie about an ex-con played by Gerald Mohr (a cut-price Bogart) who plans an armoured car robbery with the not too willing aide of his ex-cellmate's wife (the beautiful Mamie van Doren). Of course it all goes belly-up when Mamie's jealous husband (Lee Van Cleef) breaks out of jail. Cleef's character isn't that bright as he not only fouls up the plans but drives at night wearing sun glasses!  I suppose these days you have to be tuned in to these low budget thrillers and their B list stars but, as I am, I really enjoyed this. Rating ***

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