Monday, 31 July 2017

GIRLS TOWN (1959) Directed by Charles Haas.

Hugely entertaining juvie movie full of hip talking delinquents, cat fights, hot rods and groovy music!  Okay, hugely entertaining it might be but not for the reasons intended by producer Albert Zugsmith. Today this look at tearaway American youth seems more like a parody. The cast is headed by the great Mamie Van Doren who poses, pouts and (as a friend put it) protrudes as a girl under suspicion who is sent to Girls Town (run by Nuns for a bit of contrast) where she learns to conform with the help of a non-vampiric (remember BLOOD OF DRACULA?} Gloria Talbot amongst others. Of course there is music supplied by non-other than Paul Anka as a teen idol upset by finding a half naked girl in his hotel room. The cast also lists Harold Lloyd Jr. and Charles Chaplin Jr. Oh, yes I should mention the presence of singer Mel Torme as an unlikely teenager long before he became Thora Hird's son-in-law! As one of the characters says "It's queersville, man!". Rating : very cool ***

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