Monday, 3 August 2015


FLEAPIT OF THE MIND will reopen for business in one week. I've decided not to change the formula that has served so well for the last few years.  It has never been my intention to write in-depth reviews but rather to simply record a few observations about some of the films I watch. I do not write about every film I see and I prefer to pick the older or more offbeat titles that come my way whether they be B or even Z grade efforts from the underbelly of the cinema or what some (not me) might term "art house" movies. My criteria as always is how entertaining as film is for whatever reason and, in my opinion, does it successfully set out to do what the makers intended. One new feature will be the publication of various "Ten" or "Twenty" Best lists from time to time. As always I welcome comments, suggestions and (hopefully) a few plaudits.

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