Monday, 10 August 2015

AUGUST 10, 2015

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (1956) Directed by Robert Rossen ***

No, not the Colin Farrell starrer of a few years back but a rather interesting version of the story by American director Robert Rossen filmed in 1956 with a mainly British and European cast (the main exception is Frederic March as Philip of Macedonia).  Not great by any means but very watchable with a nice script that compresses history more than it mangles it - the characters of Roxane and Barsine both appear here while many historians believe they were the same person and, as one might expect there is no hint of Alexander's bisexuality. Besides Burton, Claire Bloom and the aforementioned March there is Niall MacGinnis, Stanley Baker, Peter Wyngarde, Harry Andrews, Peter Cushing and Helmut Dantine (the latter's voice being dubbed by Christopher Lee).


Keith Wheeler said...

I bought the DVD some time ago to add to my collection of Peter Cushing films, as yet not had the time to watch it!

Keith Wheeler said...

Some confusion as to how this works!

Weaverman said...

You seem to have the knack of it Keith. I was informed about your comments straight away.