Sunday, 13 June 2010

LOS MONSTRUOS DEL TERROR/Assigment Terror (1970)

Like blood to a vampire, every few months at least I have to have a trash infusion. Why is it that a film as blatantly bad as this euro-trash monster fest can be so bloody entertaining. Badly acted by everybody (poor Michael Rennie must have been close to death when he made this) with Paul Naschy doing his lycanthrope bit without any dialogue and wide eyed Karin Dor who always looks as though she would rather be somewhere else (there was no escape for Karin who just went from one euro-trash film to another) and incomprehensibly edited - although I was watching the re-edited American video version. So why was it so much fun? Who knows? Perhaps because watching something as inconsequential as this doesn't do as much damage to your soul as being subjected to a multi-million dollar fiasco like VAN HELSING, a film whose only justification for existence is so horror fans can hurl abuse at it. Also known as DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN and directed by Tulio Demichelli and (unaccountably) Hugo Fregonese. Rating **

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