Sunday, 13 June 2010

LA FURIA DEL HOMBRE LOBO/Fury of the Wolfman (1972)

Early in his career Paul Naschy (or whatever name he was using then) appeared in the same television episode of I SPY as the ageing Boris Karloff. It's nice to think that was the defining moment that changed his life. There can be few non-English speaking actors who were so determined to become identified with the horror genre. Naschy certainly achieved his dream (I certainly hope it was his dream) and today, despite the poor quality of many of his films, he is held in some affection by genre fans. I had seen none of his films prior to his death in 2009 but those I have seen since (thanks Cerpts) sort of explain the appeal. FURY OF THE WOLFMAN is, I believe, one of his best known films. It's a dilly! The film packs so much plot into its running time I honestly gave up on trying to follow the story and just let the images waft over my eyeballs and seep into my sub-conscious - werewolves, dungeons, hypnosis, whippings, murder, adultery, some pretty girls, some dubious looking costumes, a Yeti. Like ASSIGMENT TERROR (See the previous post) it has a certain primitive charm. Directed by Jose Maria Zabalza. Rating ***

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