Saturday, 29 May 2010

UN GENIO, DU COMPARI, UN POLIO/ A Genius, Two Friends and a Dupe (1975)

It's funny what you'll tolerate in the the search for forgotten masterpieces. I'm joking, of course.I'm a big fan of Sergio Leone and this is the last Western that he worked on. Although uncredited, Leone was Executive Producer and actually directed the pre-credit sequence. Terence Hill is his usual affable or irritating self (depending on your taste) as he brings the third incarnaton of his "Trinity" character who became "Nobody" for MY NAME IS NOBODY and now becomes "Joe Thanks" to the screen. While this is inferior to NOBODY and goes on far to long it does have certain points of interest - visually and in the cast. One is not at all surprised to find Klaus Kinski (as a surprisingly tolerant and forgiving gunfighter) but the presence of Patrick McGoohan slightly raises an eyebrow. But the best thing about the film by a long way is the totally delightful French actress Miou-Miou who, for me made the whole thing watchable if not inspiring. Directed by Diamano Diamani. Rating : a generous *** but without its leading lady it would have been **

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