Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BOYS FROM COUNTY CLARE/The Boys and Girl from County Clare (2003)

Never heard of this before it was shown on the BBC. It's an absolute little gem. Set in the mid-60s against the background of a traditional Irish music festival in County Clare it tells of two estranged brothers - one a farmer and the other long living in Liverpool - who are competing against each other with their Ceili Bands. Sabotage and dirty tricks not withstanding the two brothers meet after twenty years and old grievances and long buried secrets rise to the surface.Beautifully played by the entire cast with Bernard Hill and Coln Meaney outstanding as the rival brothers and perfect support from Andrea Corr and Charlotte Bradley. Nice to see that fine actor T.P.McKenna again and there is even a surprise appearance by Patrick Bergin. Both laugh out loud funny and touching this is one worth seeking out. The music is first class as well! Directed by John Irvin. Rating ****

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