Sunday, 14 March 2010


Another example of Hollywood's remake obsession. This time it is an overblown reworking of a neat little sleeper of a movie from back in 1987. The original worked because it was a lean little thriller that pressed all the right buttons aided by tight direction and a memorable performance from actor Terry O'Quinn as the family obsessed serial killer. There are two scenes in the original that were particularly memorable - the murder of an inquisitive relative and a scene where the killer momentarily forgets his assumed identity. Neither scene was played for suspense and thus the audience was taken by surprise. Both scenes are in the remake but the first builds up the suspense so you know something is going to happen while the second completely ruins the moment by having the killer already in a psychotic rage when he utter the classic line "Who am I here?". It's all very predictable and tedious with director Nelson McCormack probably using the same "Direct by numbers" kit as Peter Hyams. Rating **

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Cerpts said...

I've sadly never seen the original but I can STILL say "Why remake this?!?!?" Soon they'll be remaking movies that are one year old!