Tuesday, 2 June 2009


From the title I expected a voodoo thriller.....but I'm still not sure what I got! The film's open ing scenes inroduce Dr. Boris Karlov (I kid you not) in what seems like a standard early thirties mad scientist thriller, then the film brings on a plot about a cursed necklace (known as The Drums of Jeopardy) and just as you think you are going to settle down to a nice horror film the production does an about face and becomes a sort of spy thriller with bolshevik agents in New York trying to kill Russian aristrocrats. You are just beginning to accept this when the film becomes an Old Dark House thriller, a serial (hero and heroine trapped in a chamber filling with water) and ends with a police siege and shootout that wouldn't disgrace a Warner's gangster epic. Director George B. Seitz keeps things bubbling along at a fair pace so there is little chance to get bored.Cast are adequate with Warner Oland stand out as mad Dr.Boris Karlov. Rating ***

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