Saturday, 13 June 2009


The Fleapit sends its congratulations to Christopher Lee who was honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours with a Knighthood. Sir Christopher (as he will soon be) has been a familiar part of any film fan's life for many years, from his early supporting roles in British Films to his classic starring roles in many Hammer Horror films such as DRACULA, THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY and on to a succession of memorable appearances in the STAR WARS saga, THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy etc. I have been lucky enough to meet Sir Christopher on at least five occasions once was privileged, along with fellow fan Gary Parfitt, to be a guest for the evening at his then flat in London's Cadogan Square (where his neighbour was Boris Karloff) and on the sets of such films as THE OBLONG BOX and SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN. I always found him friendly and happy to talk about his films, if somewhat aloof. Few actors today have appeared in such a wide range of films and the Knighthood is more than deserved. Arise, Sir Dracula!

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Cerpts said...

That's actually great (and very surprising) news! I actually never thought he would be knighted; being primarily associated with the much-overlooked horror genre and all! It's just a shame that Peter Cushing didn't live long enough to receive a similar honour.