Saturday, 10 January 2009


I was one of the few who were underwhelmed by Christopher Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS. I did not like the move to bring Batman into the real world. There is a sub-species of comic fandom that takes all this sort of stuff very seriously but when it comes down to it Batman is a man who jumps of high buildings dressed as a bat. It seems generally agreed that THE DARK KNIGHT is the best film ever based on a comic and the best Batman film to date. Not for me, I'm afraid. I much, much prefer the two Tim Burton films - Burton, for me, getting the balance of the character just right. The first hour of THE DARK KNIGHT bored me and I had to watch the remainder of the film in two sittings. I thought that the dramatic construction of the film poor and Nolan's script confusing. Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman is almost wilfully uninteresting. Best performance comes (according to everybody) from the late Heath Ledger as The Joker (I still prefer Jack Nicholson) but even there the praise heaped on Ledger for what is just a very good performance is ridiculous. If a posthumous statuette is awarded this year Hollywood sentimentality will have triumphed once again. As the Joker says "why so serious?" Indeed. But maybe I'm just missing something. Rating **

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