Thursday, 9 October 2008

I FRATI ROSSI/The Red Monks (1988)

C0-produced by Lucio Fulci this confusingly plotted Italian horror movie resurrects the idea of satanic Knight Templars seeking the blood of young virgins (would an old virgin do?) for their rituals. A young Italian noble takes his new bride to his family castle but he keeps disappearing into the dungeons for mysterious reasons. The Templars themselves have pretty cool robes but don't actually do a lot and are certainly no match for their Spanish cousins in TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD and its sequels. The film starts well with a man wandering in the woods encountering a figure playing a violin. The figure is strangely hooded and never clearly seen and creates almost a Jamesian eerieness - followed by the pursuit of a naked female through the castle dungeons and....well after that the film goes rapidly downhill. I may be wrong (I really don't have the inclination to check it) but the castle looked suspiciously like the one in BLOODY PIT OF HORROR but I'm probably wrong. Direction as such is by Gianni Martucci. Rating *

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