Friday, 31 October 2008



Aaron White said...

when I was in grade school my teacher showed my class some of the B-Horror films and I still have a soft spot for some of these

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Happy Halloween (although here in Australia we don't actually celebrate it.) Your clips brought back memories. My parents' had an old 45-rpm record of Purple People Eater which I enjoyed in my Youth. And the old Horror movies are so much better than the gory Cannibalistic Zombies and Torture Porn of the Modern Age.

Weaverman said...

Oh, yes, I do love the B-movies! I totally agree about the the trends in modern horror films - particularly the dreadful torture porn. With few exceptions my type of horror film died with Vincent Price.

As for Halloween. Traditionally, we English don't celebrate it either although the American commercialisation of it has sadly spread to our shores. Last night I tied my gate shut to stop the trick of treaters getting to the house and turned the dogs loose in the grounds! I don't mind a bit of creepy Halloween fun but it has all got a bit out of hand now.