Saturday, 12 April 2008


Damn and Blast! I missed it. One of the great pleasures of blogging or simply being on the internet is that you get to meet some awfully nice people with similar interests. A few years ago on a site called Monster Club I started exchanging e-mails with a couple of nice guys who have remained friends ever since. One was Cerpts, who runs Land of Cerpts and Honey, and the other was mistermonster who is scowling at you in the picture above. I figure he was planning to grab the autographed pic of John Carradine on my wall. Mistermonster and his partner flew into London about a year ago from sunny Florida and we were able to meet in person and despite truly awful weather he braved the trip to my home town. We talked a lot of movies and still do regularly in cyberspace. Recently it was mistermonster's birthday and I forgot it completely. I hope he forgives me and continues to offer me the support he has in the past - both on a personal level and to the blog. He is truly one of the inspirations for this project. Dargoneit! he knows as much about fantasy movies as I do! Hopefully mistermonster will be up and blogging himself soon! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr.M!!!!!!!

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Cerpts said...

Yeah! Happy belated birthday MisterMonster! Ah, the old days of The Monster Club! When we all still had our "baby fangs".