Sunday, 27 April 2008


AJust heard that Amazon have sold out their movie rental business to LoveFilm and that my account will be transferred soon. As I deliberately picked Amazon over LoveFilm this has somewhat irked me. But I need my monthly fix so I'll have to see how it works out.

The lack of movies here in the Fleapit has made me niggly! I'm getting example of this is that I recently wrote nice things about TROY. While, overall, it is very enjoyable I had a feeling that something went wrong towards the end - a feeling that everything was being rushed. I nearly laughed out loud at the scene where Odysseus (Sean Bean) is sitting by a campfire watching a man carving a wooden horse toy. All the scene needed was a lightbulb turning on above his head. Cut to the next scene and there i lots of hammering and behold - a giant wooden horse! I really think it needed a little more. Likewise Achilles fighting his way through the streets of burning Troy to rescue his girlfriend just sat uncomfortably with me. Talking about the film Wolfgang Petersen admits that everything up to the death of Hector comes from The Iliad and everything after was made up by the scriptwriters - even to the point of creating a new death for Agamemmnon. Well, what does this tell us ? Also the film has a typically coy example of Hollywood homophobia with Achilles' male lover becoming his "cousin". Homer Phobia!

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