Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Son of Fleapit of the Mind

If you are returning to the fleapit after an absence of more than a day you will be wondering what has happened. Well, after much soul searching, Weaverman decided that he wasn't as interested in his other blog (Weaver's Loom) as he should be and wanted to concentrate on the fleapit. While deleting The Loom blog I clicked on the wrong button and.....well, all my reviews disappeared! Everything disappeared! I just sat there staring at the empty monitor screen telling myself very calmly that it hadn't happened. But, of course, it had. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. I have decided not to attempt to re-write my reviews until I see those movies again (and, in most cases, I know I will). My plan to re-see and review all the Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe series before Halloween is now abandoned, my penance for being such a clutz! So it all starts again here.


Cerpts said...

Yeah, well at least YOU know the difference between Daniel Haller and Floyd Crosby! So don't feel too bad.

poopypuss said...

But...was one actually BETTER than the other ???
I happened to LOVE ALL the POE / PRICE / CORMAN series and even the non - POE films made by AIP !
I do hope Weaverman will return to the series - I am waiting for DR. PHIBES and MADHOUSE to be reviewed .
But , in the meantime , keep what - ever coming !!

IY said...

This is a solid post. Some people probably would have abandoned the idea of having a blog after what you went through. I know I would have.