Thursday, 10 December 2015

DECEMBER 10, 2015


CORRIDORS OF BLOOD (1958) Directed by Robert Day ***

The second and superior of the two Karloff films made by producer Richard Gordon. This one has a bigger budget and better sets and is really an historical drama about the discovery of anaesthetic (much the same ground was covered, albeit less sensationally in Preston Sturges'1944 film THE GREAT MOMENT) rather that a horror thriller, although the presence of Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee (fresh for his first Hammer DRACULA) guarantees that is the route it takes. The superior supporting cast is a real asset here with the aforementioned Lee teamed with Francis DeWolff  as Resurrection Joe and Black Ben, an enterprising pair of body snatchers, Betta St. John as Karloff's daughter and Adrienne Corri and Yvonne Warren (later Romain) as the local wenches. This, and THE GRIP OF THE STRANGLER are available on DVD with an excellent booklet containing very informative viewing notes by Jonathan Rigby. Although made in 1958 the film was not released in England until 1962.

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