Monday, 28 September 2015

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

EMBRYO (1976) Directed by Ralph Nelson. *

One of the two awful foetus movies made during the 1970's by former directors of live television drama (the other being PROPHECY directed by John Frankenheimer) - both directors having done far superior work earlier in their careers. This one has an over-serious Rock Hudson growing Barbara Carrera from a foetus in his lab. The pace is slow and nothing really interesting happens until the climax when the film descends into B-movie horror hysteria. Director Nelson has a cameo as a doctor at an autopsy. It is worth mentioning here that the picture quality is abysmal, looking like it was taken from a poor quality VHS.


Keith Wheeler said...

Was there not another called "It's Alive"? I seem to recall a "monster" baby crawling around and killing people, including the hospital delivery staff and it's mother! A good one to miss!

Weaverman said...

You probably won't be surprised to hear that of the three I prefer IT'S ALIVE - which, admittedly is not saying a lot. There was also some awful crap starring Joan Collins, the title of which, thankfully, escapes me. The one real classic of "baby" horrors is ROSEMARY'S BABY