Thursday, 5 June 2014

JUNE 5, 2014


JENNIFER (1954) Directed by Joel Newton. **

Low budget thriller which, in later years, would no doubt have ended up as a television movie-of-the- week.
There seem to be absolutely no other credits for either director Newton or writer Virginia Myles which rather adds to the mystery. The plot is standard cliche with an attractive woman taking the job of caretaker at a spooky mansion where her predecessor vanished mysteriously. Unexpected noises in the night, a local business man who seems to know more than he says and locals who utter dire warnings about strange goings on at the house. Cliche piled upon cliche. But, hell, it is an Ida Lupino film, which is a good reason to invest 70 mins in it. I prefer the lovely Ida in Film Noir mode but this was fun, if not entirely memorable. although the whole plot really comes to nothing it has a few very effective scenes (despite the over insistent "creepy" musical score) and a possible supernatural twist saved for the very last shot of the film. Ida's hubby, Howard Duff, is good in support and Ned Glass does a nice spot as the manager of the local grocery store. like me, you can catch the movie for free on You Tube.


Weaverman said...

I'd never heard of this film before watching it on You Tube. The very next day I watched the first episode of series 2 of "24" and damn me if it didn't feature the same house!

Cerpts said...

I love serendipity! Despite your rather lukewarm review, I'm still very interested to see this movie - the aforementioned Ida Lupino a big reason as well as the (admittedly clichéd) spooky goings-on.