Sunday, 18 May 2014

MAY 18, 2014

ODD THOMAS (2013) Directed by Stephen Sommers. ***

It is nice to report that I really liked this film by Stephen Sommers. I liked his DEEP RISING and his two MUMMY films were pleasant enough (if not what the older fans probably wanted) but confidence in him took a nose dive with the truly awful VAN HELSING. His latest fantasy, based on a book by Dean Koontz isn't great but it has a lot going for it. There is an attractive young cast who unlike teens in other films play characters who are neither irritating nor stupid, there is Willem Dafoe in a sympathetic role, some good special effects and a witty script. Odd Thomas (that's his name) is a short order cook in a Californian desert town who can see dead people - and is actually believed by those who know him (a nice twist) who begins to realise that something very nasty is about to happen to his home town. Can he avert it?  It's very well done even if audiences with the slightest savvy will be one step ahead of Thomas most of the time. In the sentimental final scenes the films does actually contradict itself but even those moments are well done. It is all very entertaining although to carry the idea through to the indicated sequel would seem a step to far.

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Cerpts said...

The less said about the "V"-word movie the better. . .naturally that leaves me a little gunshy about seeing this director's movies. may have just about convinced me....