Wednesday, 3 April 2013

APRIL 3, 2013

081 JUST IMAGINE (1930) Directed by David Butler ***

Seen to day this a totally bizarre piece of film history. A science fiction comedy musical set in 1980 when food is replaced by pills, planes have replaced cars, marriage is decided by a judge. Comedian El Brendel is revived from the dead to see the wonders and accompany the hero on the first manned flight to Mars. Brendel's comedy is far too broad for my tastes but just to be able to see this museum piece makes it worth the effort. Maureen O'Sullivan is the heroine and John Garrick (who bears a disconcerting resemblance to a young Bruno Ganz) is the hero although the film was for me totally stolen by the second female lead, Marjorie White - a blonde Betty Boop if ever there was one. Director David Butler started his film career in 1927 and went of to direct lots of highly entertaining Hollywood movies including Doris Day's classic CALAMITY JANE.  Being pre-code, some of the jokes in JUST IMAGINE are decidedly racy for the time. Fascinating.

Just Imagine

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