Thursday, 28 February 2013

FEBRUARY 28, 2013

045 FLIGHT TO MARS (1951) Directed by Lesley Selander **

Made back in the innocent days when crew members could be in their Sixties and female scientist knew without question that one of their important jobs was to get dinner ready for the men and if you didn't meet monsters on Mars you were sure to meet long legged babes who knew all about silettos and short skirts. It seemed a bit illogical that the Martians had to wear space suits on the planet where they had evolved - but maybe I missed something. Cameron Mitchell plays a reporter who goes on the first Mars mission and falls for the lady scientist when her boyfriend gets the hots for a Martian chick.  I love these 1950's space films for the scientific gobbledgook they talk. If only the real thing had turned out to be a bit like this.

Flight to Mars


James wellyousaythat said...

I'm pretty sure they used bits of costume from medieval romps in these type if Science Fiction yarns. Verily may the forsooth be with thee

James wellyousaythat said...

O din't loke the fact that the o and the i are si clise in the keypad in the oPhine: Mist anniyong!

Cerpts said...

Sometimes I get into a mood where only 1950's science fiction will do . . . and then I usually embark on a month-long marathon of everything from INVADERS FROM MARS to ANGRY RED PLANET to ROCKETSHIP X-M . . . and by some inexplicable chance I've still never seen FLIGHT TO MARS.