Thursday, 10 January 2013

JANUARY 10, 2013

010 CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON (1934) Directed by Eugene Forde. **

Enjoyable mystery starring Warner Oland as the oriental sleuth. Crime writer Philip MacDonald supplies a good script that actually (unlike some later Chan films) has a genuine who-dun-it plot that allows honourable detective some real deductions. Nothing special but fun. Supporting cast includes a very young Ray Milland

Charlie Chan in London

011 CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD ( 1964 ) Directed by Warren Keifer *

I knew Paul Maslansky, the producer of this film, when he was based at Columbia Pictures office in London and I was friends with one of the film's assistant directors, Mike Reeves who went on to direct WITCHFINDER GENERAL, and spent a pleasant afternoon with him and actor Christopher Lee at Shepperton during the filming of THE OBLONG BOX, so I have three connections with people involved with this film. Sadly it doesn't make the film any better. Reeves directed some of the scenes and seeing the film again after many years it was interesting to note that the opening narration is remarkably similar to the one that Reeves later used to open WITCHFINDER GENERAL.

Castle of the Living Dead

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012 PROMETHEUS (2012) Directed by Ridley Scott ***


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