Monday, 12 September 2011


RIGHTEOUS KILL is what passes for competent mainstream entertainment these days - I was just musing on that and mentally comparing it with another film I recently felt suffered from a similar delusion, BLACK SWAN, when I discovered (with an ironic laugh, I assure you) that Jon Avnet - the director of RIGHTEOUS KILL - was also the producer of BLACK SWAN. The films both take a plot idea - a very cliched one - and then develop it into a script without worrying too much about a plot. The film starts with one of the two stars (De Niro and Pacino) confessing to a series of vigilante murders. Then we flashback to find that the two central characters are the cops investigating the murders. Everything points to one of the cops being the killer - everybody except his buddy thinks he is the killer. So, call me dumb if you want, but given film cliches and given the two stars on board and being 100% certain that the guy we see confessing isn't going to be the culprit I was sure who the killer would be....and this is meant to be a mystery? If it ain't Pacino its going to be De Niro - or vice versa. I'm a huge Pacino fan and I certainly like De Niro despite his long string of poor film choices but this second outing together (if we discount the second GODFATHER movie) is not worthy of either star. Of the two De Niro comes off best here and poor Al seems to be having another bad hair day. The plot might have worked thirty or forty years ago but today a mystery plot that reveals the answer to the mystery in the first scene just won't do. Rating **

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Cerpts said...

I've got news for you. RIGHTEOUS KILL doesn't pass for competent mainstream entertainment AT ALL!!!

I was saddled with watching it at work one night when a co-worker brought in the dvd (for those not in the know I work overnights and we frequently get to watch dvds when our work is done). Having said this, and the fact that being at work ANY movie to fight against boredom SHOULD be welcome - good or bad - I found this one to be more boring than not watching a movie at all. As you said, the so-called "suspense" element was missing completely since no one could possibly be unaware one of the two principal actors is da guy we're looking for. So all we're left with is about 2 hours sitting through a movie that's going EXACTLY where we think it's going.

Ho hum. No wonder I'd rather watch BMX BANDITS than THIS kinda Hollywood drek.