Thursday, 28 July 2011


SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY is an interesting piece of Euro Trash directed by Jesus Franco (who else?). It is interesting because although while watching the film (mercifully short at 74 mins) and realising it's not very good there are enough interesting points to keep you watching. Two of the points of interest belong to the beautiful Soledad Miranda. Miss Miranda is credited as Susana Korda and several other members of the cast and crew are working under pseudonyms - presumably to protect the guilty. The plot is a variation on THE BRIDE WORE BLACK or even DR.PHIBES with Miranda bumping off the medical board that caused the death of her husband by driving him to suicide. Notable among the victims are dear old Howard Vernon, an expert at this kind of stuff, who actually gets his kit off for a full frontal nude masochistic sex scene that will make it difficult to watch THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF again - this sort of thing never happened when he worked for Fritz Lang. Even more bizarre is another victim played by none other than Jesus Franco himself. Like poor old Howard, Franco gets his dick cut off. If you look quickly there is also an appearance by EL VAMPIRO himself - German Robles! If you are into Euro Trash you're probably salivating by now but there is also a totally inappropriate pop score which has nothing to do with the action, female nudity and girl on girl action. Rating ***

" I am Jesus Franco, I directed this movie, you can't cut my willy off!"


Cerpts said...

Holy mackanoly!!! I think I have the soundtrack to that movie!!!!

I've never seen the thing but that lead photo you have at the beginning of your post is the exact same phonto which is on my cd of the soundtrack to VAMPIROS LESBOS. I never saw VAMPIROS LESBOS either (but of course somehow I have the soundtrack). Is it the same film, I wonder? I dassn't think so because you didn't mention vampires. . .unless there ain't no vampires in VAMPIROS LESBOS. Who knows. Certainly not me.

Cerpts said...

Aha so I have oracled and discovered the true poop on the movie soundtrack. The music is indeed from the film VAMPYROS LESBOS but Jess Franco re-used some of it for SHE KILLED -- so that's why it's probably wildly inappropriate for the latter film LOL.

And of course it totally slipped my mind that a track from the soundtrack (The Lion and the cucumber) also turned up in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN soundtrack.

ernest said...

The Lion and the Cucumber?

ernest said...

That still is definitely from SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY...but, of course, being a Jesus Franco film the shot could also be in VAMPIROS LESBOS....Oddly, I had no idea that the beautiful Soledad Miranda had been killed in a car crash as far back as 1970. Very sad.

Cerpts said...

Yes indeed. As you say, "knowing Jesus Franco", the cover photo on my cd soundtrack to VAMPYROS LESBOS is exactly the same one LOL.

And yes, I said THE LION AND THE CUCUMBER!!! Would I lie about a thing like that?