Friday, 11 March 2011

Harold Lloyd 1893 - 1971)

My introduction to the works of Harold Lloyd came with a showing of his film SAFETY LAST at the Holloway School Film Society. The image of Lloyd suspended from the clock is surely one of the iconic images of film comedy. When I saw that film, circa 1960, I had no idea that little more than two years later I would shake hands with Harold Lloyd himself. Lloyd, being a better business man than many of the silent clowns had held on to the copyright of his films. In 1962 he was instrumental in putting together a compilation of clips from many of his films entitled HAROLD LLOYD'S WORLD OF COMEDY. Lloyd came to London for the launch of the film and visited the Columbia Pictures offices in Wardour Street, London. On a previous visit Harold had made the acquaintance of Bill Atherton, an elderly ex-music hall comedian who was working in Columbia's mailroom. I was sitting talking to Bill when Harold Lloyd came in to say hello. Bill kindly introduced me to the silent star and we shook hands. I wish I could say it was more than that but that was about it - a quick handshake - but dammit it was Harold Lloyd and I met him.

And if you are thinking that I've posted this on the wrong blog, you are wrong. Oddly I do not own any of Lloyd's films so he doesn't qualify for THE WEAVERMAN ARCHIVES. I hope to rectify that soon.

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Cerpts said...

I'd say shaking hands with Harold Lloyd was quite an achievement.

And I'm thinking I must've sent you the short HAUNTED SPOOKS, mustn't I??!?!?!?? If not, I meant to and I will shortly.