Monday, 10 January 2011

HOT FUZZ (2007)

Perhaps seeing HOT FUZZ for the first time so soon after re-watching the same team's SHAUN OF THE DEAD was a mistake. SHAUN seemed to me an example of a film that knew exactly where it was going and what it wanted to do. It set its parameters stayed within them. Having a bigger budget and a starry cast to play with seems to me the reason why FUZZ ultimately falls flat - showing every sign that it really doesn't know where it is going. Don't get me wrong, for two thirds of its running time (which is a tad overlong) it is a very funny comedy but once it goes into spoof action film the whole structure just collapses into a shapeless mess. A real shame because there is an awful lot of great talent involved (thankfully the cast is not wasted). I'm probably in a minority as I know the film has many admirers. Rating ***


Cerpts said...

I probably liked the film a little more than you do but I do agree with what you were saying. I would probably give the film 3 stars instead of your two but SHAUN is a 5 star plus. There are indeed many wonderful funny scenes in HOT FUZZ but you're right the film doesn't hang together anywhere near as well as SHAUN. Still a lot of fun though.

Weaverman said...

You are probably right. Disappointment no doubt made me under-rate it so I've added a star.
Must say that PAUL looks pretty good if the trailer is anything to go by.