Wednesday, 17 November 2010

HELL, HEAVEN OR HOBOKEN ?........You're kidding me!

When Cerpts told me that the 1958 British war film I WAS MONTY'S DOUBLE was listed on IMDb as HELL, HEAVEN OR HOBOKEN I thought he was either joking or inhaling illegal substances. But sure enough it is listed as the film's American title. A mistake surely...but the title also appears on websites for ROTTEN TOMATOES and TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES. Can any body explain the title to me?

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Cerpts said...

I wouldn't lie to you about something so stupid. As I've told you earlier, that's not even a proper American expression. I've certainly never heard it before. How can such a self-descriptive title as "I WAS MONTY'S DOUBLE" (which sums up exactly what the movie is about) be changed to some random line from the movie which doesn't make sense as a title!?!?! Those Damn Yanks are at it again!