Sunday, 3 October 2010


I've been after this film for a while now and was given a DVD by a friend only this weekend. The film, which is best remembered today for "The Warsaw Concerto" is a romantic drama about an American girl (Sally Gray) who meets and marries a concert pianist (played by Anton Walbrook) who had been one of the Polish pilots to escape from the German invasion in 1939. In America Walbrook resumes his concert career but is obsessed with returning to Europe to continue the fight against the nazis. The film is pretty ordinary in its execution but none the worse for that, although how much you enjoy it will probably depend on how big an Anton Walbrook fan you are. I enjoyed it immensely. Rating ***

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Cerpts said...

You lucky dog! Another Anton Walbrook movie!!! And I remember this one, too! When the pianist gets to America he's in a train crash and has a criminal's hands grafted onto his. . .

. . .oh no, I actually DIDN'T see this one.