Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A remake too far...

Hollywood's remake frenzy continues. Do we really need another remake of A STAR IS BORN ? It started life in 1932 as WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOODD directed by George Cukor and was a pretty good movie - so good that it was reworked into an even better movie in 1937 by William Wellman as A STAR IS BORN with Janet Gaynor. It was Cukor's turn again in 1954 with the classic Judy Garland/James Mason version and then in the 70's Barbra Striesand did her not so great version with Kris Kristofferson. So who is set for the new version. Robert Downey Jr. has walked, understandably preferring a sequel to SHERLOCK HOLMES, to be replaced by Russell Crowe.....So who will follow Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Striesand ? Would you believe BEYONCE!!!!!!!! As Hattie McDaniel might have said "Lordy, Lord it am just sumting da Debil thought up!"


wellyousaythat said...

i have just dicovered your blog and i am enjoying every word i look forward to future posts even as i catch up with your older work.


Weaverman said...

Many thanks for the kind words.
See you're an Arsenal follower.
I grew up not far from Highbury.