Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Any remake of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY was bound to be on a beating for nothing but in the case of HIGH SOCIETY one has to admit that the beating is probably justified. It is a pretty tired film, seemingly lacking in energy and conviction. Yet, that said, it does have Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra. What it doesn't have is Cary Grant, Kate Hepburn and James Stewart....neither does it have George Cukor directing and Charles Walters is no substitute. One shouldn't be too hard on what is, after all, a piece of light weight confectionary but it really does fail to satisfy. The one plus is, of course, the music and both the "Now you has jazz" number featuring Crosby and the great Louis Armstrong and Bing's duet with Frank Sinatra are well worth waiting for. Rating **

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Cerpts said...

I agree completely. I own the DVD and usually watch it by skipping to the musical numbers. While I've always liked Grace Kelly, I find her extremely bland and unlikeable in this movie. And, of course, the casting of the vastly older Bing Crosby as her ex-hubby tests the suspension of disbelief even of THIS wacky viewer! But yes, it's worth watching for Louis Armstrong's every appearance as well as the WELL DID YOU EVAH number which is a classic.