Monday, 27 July 2009


Any film that describes Angela Lansbury as "A cheat from her painted toes to her plunging neckline" has got to be worth seeing and that certainly applies to this intriguing little film noir by director Paul Guilfoyle and scriptwriter Russ Bender. As with the previously reviewed PLEASE MURDER ME this makes a passing nod in the direction of DOUBLE INDEMNITY but is none the worse for it. Keith Andes plays the down-on-his-luck guy who gets roped in on a lucrative deal and soon realises that the dame that comes with it is more trouble than he needs. Given her present day television user friendly image it is good to remember that from GASLIGHT In 1944 our Angie played a whole series of bitch roles - culminating in her classic mother from hell in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. Andes is particularly good at conveying the hero's mounting suspicion and paranoia and there is strong support from the ever excellent Douglas Dumbrille who has a much meater role than usual. Rating ***

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