Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jane Randolph dies in Switzland.

Just learned of the death of pretty and talented Jane Randopph who starred in Val Lewton's classic chillers CAT PEOPLE (1942) and CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (1944) as well as two excellent film noir for Anthony Mann, RAIL ROADED and T-MEN (both 1947). Jane retired from the screen after appearing in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1947) and moved to Europe with her Spanish husband.

Jane Randolph 1915 - 2009


Cerpts said...

Very sad to hear it. Although there seems to be YET ANOTHER incidence of synchronicity going on here because the very date you posted this (May 28) I was at work and we were watching A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH MARTIN SCORSESE THOUGH AMERICAN MOVIES which includes the famous swimming pool scene from CAT PEOPLE with Jane Randolph -- so I was watching her the very same night you found out about her death and posted it.

Weaverman said...

It gets even spookier! On the night I found out about her death I also watched Scorsese's PERSONAL JOURNEY!!!!! It was watching the scenes from CAT PEOPLE that prompted me to see what she was doing now and, of course, I dicovered her death.