Saturday, 27 September 2008

EL MUNDO DE LOS VAMPIROS/The World of the Vampires (1961)

Guillermo Murray plays the Dracula like vampire in this Mexican horror movie. He's out for revenge against the family of the man who made him one of the undead. Unfortunately for him he is saddled with what is probably the worst set of fangs I've ever seen. They don't just look like they came out of a cornflake box, the look like they were cut from the cardboard of a cornflake box. It's all very unconvincing and strangely undramatic (the vampires can be killed by a musical note!) and doesn't have the saving grace of being very funny. Directed by Alonso Corona Blake Rating *

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Cerpts said...

It is true. WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES cannot possibly match up to the inspired insanity of the Santo films of the Wrestling Women monster opuses. Opi (?!?) What the hell's the plural of opus anyway??? Somewhat tamer than most of the other Mexican horror movies we all know and love but at least worth a gander.