Saturday, 2 August 2008


Over on the sidebar you will see a quote from Harlan Ellison which I stole from my pal Cerpts over at The Land of Cerpts and Honey. I don't know where Cerpts got it from but I thought it was important enough to have on my blog as well. I've not read anything by Harlan Ellison for years and years but after I saw that quote I went on YouTube an caught up with some Ellison clips. It was good to see that Harlan has lost none of his bite. Two of the most enjoyable books I read by the writer were THE GLASS TEAT and THE OTHER GLASS TEAT which were collections of Harlan's TV criticism and I've often thought back to those volumes (sadly no longer in my possession) and thought how accurate were Harlan's predictions about the way popular television was heading. Harlan saw it twenty-five years ago. But sadly, the decline is spreading out from TV into the wide world. Good to see you are still out there fighting the fuckers HE.


Terry Frost said...

I met Harlan a couple of times in the 80s and 90s. He's definitely an unique individual and the brusqueness hides a wellspring of compassion and a hunger for justice which is inspiring.

I wouldn't say that he was an easy person but he's definitely a mad genius.

Cerpts said...

You're welcome to the quote, Weaverman, since I myself took it from HARLAN ELLISON'S WATCHING: a book that I got and read after hearing it mentioned by. . . well, wouldn't you know it. . . by Terry Frost!

"You push the first valve down and the music goes round and round whoa ho HO ho ho ho and it comes out here!"

Terry Frost said...

Here's an extra treat to look forward to: